MetaMusic: NFT Experience

Metaverse Musicians NFT Series

As we are in the heat of NFT summer, a new campaign is about to take place that is bringing together a young, elite, group of Web3 musicians. Inflow Music and MintGate are joining forces to usher in a one-of-a-kind NFT campaign where they are bringing together a select few musicians to create NFTs that go beyond the blockchain.

Inflow is a social token platform that enables artists to directly monetize their community. As they prepare to launch on mainnet, Inflow is activating their ecosystem of artists such as Visionnaire, Selah, Harrison First, Haleek Maul, and $tonez the organic plus more. The Metaverse Musicians will set an example of how musicians can use the blockchain to power their careers. This NFT drop is unique from others since each NFT will have unlockable content, such as tickets to a concert, unreleased music, or a private music video only people that purchase can access. Our unique partnership with MintGate allows creators to create private links where only token holders can access the URL.

WEB3 Music conference

After the NFTs have launched, Inflow, MintGate, and all the artists will be hosting a Web3 Music conference where they bring together the top players in the Crypto music industry to collectively discuss pushing the culture forward with all the web3 tools at our disposal.

Closer look at the Metaverse Musicians

Most of the artists are no stranger to NFTs and even some of them have 20+ NFTs sold. One artist that is using crypto in a Unique way is Harrison First. Producer and recording artist Harrison First launched $FIRST social money and $FIRST club to become the first independent artist to use social money to bring his most active supporters to the new creative economy. $FIRST will unlock new ways for fans to stay in touch with the artist and become more involved in his creative process and music creation.

The first round of artists also features Selah, Haleek and $tonez the organic. Selah is already making waves with her debut album StarPower which she will turn into multiple NFTs. $tonez the organic & Haleek are NFT OGs as they have multiple NFT auctions under their belt.

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The Mission

Join our community in making Music history. The Meta Music NFT experience is setting a new standard on what it means to be an independent artist. By utilizing crypto and the blockchain, these artists are setting an example of how to generate generational wealth for musicians and create actual ownership among their community.

About Inflow

Inflow is a complete platform where artists and fans can buy social tokens and NFTs all in one place. Inflow is giving social tokens the ultimate utility by allowing fans to actually use the social tokens in a way that has never been seen before. For the first time, fans will actually be rewarded for their support and artists can monetize their community directly. Contact for inquiries.

About MintGate

MintGate enables a better way for creators and communities to monetize on content and connect with their audience. Anyone can unlock exclusive video and web content with NFTs minted on MintGate with lifetime royalties or on any NFT or social token minted on any other platform, any time. Contact for inquiries.

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